I watched a video on Antone Walker who played for the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat and lost 110 million dollars in his career. Dallas Cowboys Tryon Smith had to use legal means to prevent his family from taking a lot of his money. Athletes like that have either lost all of their money or had problems with it during or after their careers. Some athletes don’t have the financial advisers to guide them or don’t care to listen to anyone. Mike Tyson is another example of losing millions, but he is a promoting boxing via Iron Mike Productions and hopefully young fighters will not make the same mistakes Tyson made. On the other end of the spectrum, Lebron James is handing his money with successful entrepreneur Warren Buffett, and his own team led by his agent Maverick Carter. The saying of a fool and his money soon part ways is true in some ways, but with an athlete’s career being short you have taking of the financial opportunities and not be irresponsible with them.


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