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Super Bowl 49

Here is who is going to win the Super Bowl and why.

Quarterback: Russell Wilson has the chance to win his 2nd title in 3 years, but Tom Brady has the chance to win his 4th title.  Wilson can beat you with his legs as well as his arm.   Brady has the ability to make big plays down the field.  Advantage New England

Running Back:   Marshawn Lynch can go into Beast Mode with big runs.  The Patriots have a backfield by committee, but LeGarrette Blount can have a big game.    Advantage Seattle

Receivers/Tight Ends:   Seattle receivers are not as well-known, but Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin can make the big plays such as in the NFC Championship against Green Bay.   Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Brandon Lafell can make the big plays down the field.   Advantage New England

Offensive Line:   New England have to stop Seahawks pass rush up the middle and have given up 21 sacks.   Despite Russell Wilson’s mobility, Seattle has given up 42 sacks.  Advantage New England

Defensive Line: Vince Wilfork has to stop the run and not to get pushed around by the Seahawks OL.    Michael Bennett who led the Seahawks in sacks and along with Cliff Avril has to pressure and hit Tom Brady early and often.   Advantage Seattle

Linebackers:   Rob Ninkovich, Jamie Collins, and Dont’a Hightower can blitz, stop the run and cover receivers.  Bruce Irvin, and Bobby Wagner can do the same thing.   Even

Secondary:  Seattle’s Legion of Boom make the plays and get the headlines.  Brandon  Browner who used to play in Seattle can make the big plays as well as Devin McCourty, and Darrelle Revis is one of the best cornerback of all time.   Even

Special Teams:   New England has scored on two blocked field goals, and a punt return this year.   Seattle used a fake field goal and an on-side kick to beat the Packers.    Julian Edelman can make the big play in the return game.  Stephen Gostkowski and Steven Hauschka can delivered the big field goal in the clutch.   Advantage New England

Coaching:   Pete Carroll has translated his rah-rah style from USC into NFL success in Seattle.  Bill Beilchick was a Bill Parcells disciple and has won three Super Bowls, and can change his game plan to suit the team, but SpyGate and the deflategate scandals could tarnish his legacy.   Even

Intangibles:  Seattle wants to be first repeat Super Bowl since the Patriots in 2004.   Belichick and Brady are in their sixth Super Bowl.   Belichick could tie Chuck Noll with his 4th win, and Brady could tie Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with his 4th win as well.  Advantage New England

This game will not be blowout like last year, and will be the closest Super Bowl ever.

Final Score

New England 30  Seattle 27



In the past two Super Bowls Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch has avoid the media like would be tacklers.   His “I’m about That Action Boss”, and “I’m Here so I don’t get Fined” has been amusing for some people, but for others it is annoying.   I understand that some athletes don’t want to talk to the media, but the NFL expect their stars at Super Bowl to make themselves available for three days during Super week.     Lynch who might get fined for wearing an unofficial hat during his session.   The Seahawks let Lynch do these things and his teammates like his personality.    If they win their second straight Super Bowl they would not might his silent treatment of the media.


This afternoon, Mike Krzyzewski won his 1,000 game as Duke defeated St. John 77-68 at Madison Square Garden.  In a career that has spanned almost 40 years he has won by being flexible, but still respecting the game.   Today’s win was an example he put in Marshall Plumlee with his star freshman center Jahili Oakfor.    He handled the win with the typical humility and grace that made him a college basketball coaching legend.  Early in his Duke career there was talking of being fired in 1982-83 season, but three years later they made the first of 11 Final Four appearance.    He turns 68 in the three weeks, but I don’t see him retiring anytime soon.


I have listened to New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talk about the air in football and it is hard for me to believe him.   The NFL is investigating the Patriots for 11 of the 12 footballs in the AFC Championship game versus the Indianapolis Colts were under inflated.   In 2007, the Patriots were caught for filming practices and was punished with a heavy fines and a loss of a 1st round pick.   If the NFL finds out if they were breaking the rules the punishment should be severe.

1.  Forfeit of their all of their draft picks

2.  Their salary cap should be reduced by $40 Million Dollars

3. Belichick one year suspension from coaching in the NFL and HOF selection delaying for 5 years

4. If Tom Brady was guilty any underhanded tactics he too should get a one year suspension

5.  If Owner Bob Kraft allowed this happen he should no longer be the owner

The investigation is still going on and might not be done until after the Super Bowl.

This is embarrassment to the NFL and Roger Goodell should do his job by doing a real investigation.  He has to punish the Patriots if they were cheating. If not have full investigation or a severe punishment he should resign as Commissioner.

Old 29er

Last night I had the great pleasure to meet former two-time Stanley Cup winner and current Pittsburgh Penguin radio analyst Phil Bourque at Leo’s Pub and Grille in Mt Pleasant. I ate some chili and chicken quesadillas while we  were waiting.   I talked to him about how tough was it to win a second Stanley Cup,  How tough was Scotty Bowman as a coach, and the similarities between Badger Bob Johnson and current Head Coach Mike Johnson.   He answered all of my questions and was real nice to me and Dan.    I looked at his Stanley Cup rings, and gave my demo to a guy from 970 ESPN.  I hope that it will open some doors for me.


Do Your Job is a phase that New England Patriots fans and players have heard for years.  Head Coach Bill Belichick has used this phase to tell the players to concentrate on their responsibilities and the rest will take of itself.  This simple phase is now a marketing tool to sell hats, shirts, and even a hoodie.   You can ever print the phrase from your computer and hang it somewhere.   The phrase is common sense because if you focus on your job instead of worrying about someone not doing theirs.  It frees your time and energy to do the work and it will improve the job at hand regardless of what it is.   Sometimes we don’t see the purpose or the importance of the work.  You will see this phrase a lot in the next two weeks before Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona.  If the Patriots win their 4th Super Bowl it will be a job well done.

Preview of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is set it will be the New England Patriots taking on the Seattle Seahawks two weeks from Sunday from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.    The Patriots dominated the Indianapolis Colts 45 to 7 to win the AFC Championship.  They had 397 yards in total offense as Tom Brady threw for 226 yards and 3 touchdowns, plus LeGarrette Blount rushed for 148 yards and 3 touchdowns.   The Patriots defense handled Andrew Luck and forced 2 interceptions, plus handled the Colts running game.    Special Teams, Julian Edelman had a great returns giving the Patriots great field positions, and recovered a fumble punt.   The win gave Head Coach Bill Belichick his 21st post-season win surpassing Tom Landry for the all-time record.   Tom Brady will play in 6th Super Bowl  surpassing John Elway for most starts by a quarterback.   The Patriots win tied the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys with their 8th Super Bowl appearance.

The Seahawks overcame a 19 to 7 deficit to the Green Bay Packers in the 4th Quarter to win 28 to 22 in overtime.   Russell Wilson overcame 4 interceptions to led them to the NFC Championship.  Marshawn Lynch rushed for 157 yards and a touchdown.   The defense struggled earlier, but forced two Aaron Rodgers interceptions in the second half.  Special Teams changed the momentum on fake field goal touchdown pass from punter Jon Ryan to  Garry Gilliam, and recovered an onside kick that set up a Lynch touchdown plus, a two point conversion to give the Seahawks 22 to 19 lead.   However,  the Packers tied it on Mason Crosby 48 yard field goal to force overtime.  In the overtime, Wilson led the Seahawks down the field hitting  Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse on two big pass plays.   The second was to Kearse, a 35 yard game winning touchdown pass that sent the Seahawks to their 2nd straight Super Bowl.   They have a chance to be the 1st repeat since the 2004 Patriots.    The oddsmakers have given the Patriots a slight edge, but I feel it will be a close game.  Next week,  I will break down the game and tell you who will win and why.


Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller did a four-month report on the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice case, and it said that there was no inappropriate behavior by either Commissioner Roger Goodell or anyone working in the league office.  There is one question I have why didn’t the league get the tape of Rice dragging his then girlfriend out of an elevator last February.  What it is because the league didn’t want to see it or they didn’t really wanted to know what happened that night in the Atlantic City casino.    If Goodell saw the video last February Rice would have been suspended for the year.  However, the NFLPA would have immediately filed a grievance saying that there was no due process.   The Commissioner is trying to change the Player Conduct Policy, but expect the NFLPA to fight it and demand they should have a say so in it.


The NCAA has made a deal with Penn State restoring the 112 wins between 1998-2011 and the $60 million fine will be spent within the state of Pennsylvania.   That means Joe Paterno is the all time winningest in college football history.   The reason they made the deal is to avoid a trial that would embarrassing to the NCAA and been every expensive as well.    Penn State would have sued because the NCAA’s heavy-handed punishment and the possibility of the death penalty if the university didn’t accept the sanctions.    The NCAA didn’t conduct its own investigation, but instead rely on the Freeh Report to punish Penn State.  However, Penn State didn’t change the culture because they should have  canceled football games after the Sandusky scandal broke.    The football program should have been suspended for at least two years, and all of the money should have been donated to programs dealing with child abuse and neglect programs in the state.   That would have sent a message that the university truly care about the victims, but both the NCAA and Penn State were more concerned about saving face.


The first College Football Playoff has its National Championship game, and it was  Ohio State winning over Oregon 42-20.    Ezekiel Elliot ran the ball for 246 yards and 4 touchdowns.    Cardale Jones proved that the stage was not too big by throwing 242 yards and a touchdown.  The Buckeyes defense shut down the Ducks running game and held Marcus Mariota in check for most of the game.  Oregon didn’t capitalize on the 4 turnovers they got and that is why they are not National Champions.    Urban Meyer joins Nick Saban as the only head coaches to win National titles in two different schools.   With a great recruiting class and starters returning that Ohio State could start a new dynasty.  That could be bad news for the Big 10 especially for the new head coach at Michigan Jim Harbaugh