The NCAA has made a deal with Penn State restoring the 112 wins between 1998-2011 and the $60 million fine will be spent within the state of Pennsylvania.   That means Joe Paterno is the all time winningest in college football history.   The reason they made the deal is to avoid a trial that would embarrassing to the NCAA and been every expensive as well.    Penn State would have sued because the NCAA’s heavy-handed punishment and the possibility of the death penalty if the university didn’t accept the sanctions.    The NCAA didn’t conduct its own investigation, but instead rely on the Freeh Report to punish Penn State.  However, Penn State didn’t change the culture because they should have  canceled football games after the Sandusky scandal broke.    The football program should have been suspended for at least two years, and all of the money should have been donated to programs dealing with child abuse and neglect programs in the state.   That would have sent a message that the university truly care about the victims, but both the NCAA and Penn State were more concerned about saving face.


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