I have listened to New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick talk about the air in football and it is hard for me to believe him.   The NFL is investigating the Patriots for 11 of the 12 footballs in the AFC Championship game versus the Indianapolis Colts were under inflated.   In 2007, the Patriots were caught for filming practices and was punished with a heavy fines and a loss of a 1st round pick.   If the NFL finds out if they were breaking the rules the punishment should be severe.

1.  Forfeit of their all of their draft picks

2.  Their salary cap should be reduced by $40 Million Dollars

3. Belichick one year suspension from coaching in the NFL and HOF selection delaying for 5 years

4. If Tom Brady was guilty any underhanded tactics he too should get a one year suspension

5.  If Owner Bob Kraft allowed this happen he should no longer be the owner

The investigation is still going on and might not be done until after the Super Bowl.

This is embarrassment to the NFL and Roger Goodell should do his job by doing a real investigation.  He has to punish the Patriots if they were cheating. If not have full investigation or a severe punishment he should resign as Commissioner.


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