Champs are Cheats

Chicago has been a city that deal with corruption whether it is during the probation era of the 1920s to politics of Richard J. Daley in the 1960s when he was mayor.  Jackie Robinson West was the first all African-American team to reach the Little World Series title game.  They lost to South Korea in the title game, and was the best story coming out of the series.  However, they were forced to vacate all of their wins, and give the U.S. title to a team from Las Vegas violating residency rules.  Their investigation showed they used an inaccurate boundary map and used players from other districts in the state of Illinois to build a super team.   Darold Butler, the team’s manager was suspended from Little League activity, and Illinois District 4 Administrator Michael Kelly was removed from his post.   It is a shame that kids are getting punished for the actions of adults who put winning above what youth sports is supposed to be about and that is teamwork, sportsmanship, working together and fair play,


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