Tark the Shark

Jerry Tarkanian was winning basketball games at Long Beach State, UNLV, and Fresno State, but was fighting the NCAA about its rules.   He believed in giving players second chances, and that got him in trouble with the schools and the NCAA.   He won a suit against them and a National Title with the UNLV Running Rebels in 1990, plus led them to 4 Final Four appearances.   He called them out for being hypocrites, and  he was a lovable rogue who hate the establishment that is the NCAA.   His teams won a lot and sold out the Thomas and Mack Center with celebrities in the front row.  His fast pace offense was ahead of its time, and finally inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013.  His tenure in Vegas in 1992 when some of his players where in a hot tube with a sports fixer, and the team was  on probation at the time.    Tarkanian even with all of his success fought against the NCAA to end of his career in 2002.  Today, Tarkanian passed away at age 84 and will always have a place in college basketball history.


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