No Goodell

The only thing that bothered me about the NBC Super Bowl pre game show was Roger Goodell didn’t talk to Bob Costas. Goodell talked about be accessible to the media, but he didn’t talk to anyone.  Commissioner Goodell during his state of the NFL address was very rude to CNN’s Rachel Nichols who asked about a conflict of interest with Ted Wells who was investigating deflategate involving the New England Patriots.  Late September, Nichols also questioned Goodell during the press conference talking about Ray Rice punishment for domestic violence.   Goodell is not doing right being the NFL Commissioner.

1.  He is not taking the concussion issue seriously, and even with the settlement with former players they are not researching the cause of concussions (CTE), the improvements in helmet equipment, and trying to make the game safer.

2.  He should take the lead in domestic violence and other off the field issues such as DUI, drugs, and weapons charges  try to have more symposiums on these issues not only for rookies but for veterans.     More education on all off the field problems.  Have heavy punishments for off the field problems, and send a message bad behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Be man of action and not reaction due the NFLPA filing grievances for any decision the Commissioner makes.   NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith talked about waiting for due process from the courts.    The Commissioner should not have to wait for the courts to dish out punishment.

Commissioner Goodell should hold NFL players and himself to high standards of behavior and try to do the right thing.  The right thing to do is clean up the off the field problems and taking the concussion issue seriously.  If he doesn’t he might be out of a job real soon.


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