Some athletes feel that the laws don’t feel apply to them. Jameis Winston who led the Florida State who led Florida State to the BCS title and the Heisman Trophy in 2013.   Winston is now getting ready for the NFL Draft, and he has a lot talent to be the first overall pick.   However his off the field incidents such as dealing with alleged sexual assault, and was not charged.  Plus dealt with will stealing crab legs from a Pulbix store in Tallahassee, accused of stealing soda from a Burger King, and being suspended against Clemson for saying an internet meme that was disrespectful of women.   The university and Winston could deal with possible civil suit.  Florida State has criticized for putting victories about doing the right thing.   NFL players are not immune for off the field problems.    When Roger Goodell became NFL Commissioner he wanted to make players accountable for the off the behavior.  Goodell has been inconsistent in dealing out punishment to players.   The NFL’s personal conduct policy has not been changed since Goodell announced their would be changed at his state of the league press conference before the Super Bowl.    I hope the athletes realized that any off the field behavior could take their career in an instant.  It bothers me they take their athletic gifts for granted.  No one is above the law and athletes should know better than that.


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