Gino and The Wizard

Gino Auriemma led Connecticut to their 10th NCAA Women’s Basketball title on Tuesday and tied John Wooden’s record.  He is a great coach, motivator, and recruiter.   He has been able to get the players to buy his system by pushing them hard in practice.   His Huskies teams has dominated the Women’s game since 1995 and some experts believe that is wrong for the game because of their domination.  John Wooden was able to do the same thing at UCLA in the 1960’s and 70’s able to get the best players to play his way and achieved greatness.   You can’t compare their achievements because of the differences in the Women’s and Men’s games, and how players are being recruited.   Gino has been offered jobs coaching men in college and the NBA, but has turned them down because he loved being a big fish in a small pond.    When Auriemma’s career is over it should be judged on his own merits, and not be compared to John Wooden’s.


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