Bet On It

ESPN’s Outside The Lines did a report and it discovered that Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player.  If this report is true it will make it impossible for Rose to go into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Rose, who is baseball all time hit leader and was suspended for life for making bets as a manager of the Cincinnati Reds in 1989.  The suspension was based on the John Dowd report that Rose made bets during the 1989 season.   Rose has applied for reinstatement and wanted to talk to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred about it.  For years Rose has denied every betting on baseball, but in 2004 he finally came clean in an interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson.   Rose at the time was promoting his book My Prison Without Bars and that came off sleazy and a money grab.    I don’t see him getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame while his alive, but after his passing he will get in.  4,256 hits will let Rose in, but gambling on the game will not go unpunished.


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