Last night I had the honor of attending the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies.   The speeches were outstanding and every one of them were special because they were mixed with humor, seriousness, and poignancy.       The poignancy came from Junior Seau’s Sydney who gave a wonderful speech about her dad, and Mick Tingelhoff who was unable to speak but his presenter, and fellow Hall of Famer  Minnesota Vikings teammate Fran Tarkenton gave a short speech.    The humor came from Charles Haley who told a couple funny stories about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and advocating former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward Debartolo Jr for induction.   Tim Brown talked about his faith and family shaped his life.    Will Shields talked about his teammates, family, and coaches how they helped him get there.   Ron Wolf thanks his mentor, the late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis and how much he learned from him, plus former Green Bay Packers players Brett Favre, the late Reggie White and Head Coach Mike Holmgren.   Bill Polian thanked the players and coaches from  Buffalo, Carolina, and Indianapolis.   He mentioned former Bills Head Coach and fellow Hall of Famer Marv Levy,  former Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy, and former Colts quarterback and current Denver Broncos Peyton Manning.   The last speech was from Jerome Bettis who got the Pittsburgh Steelers fans into it by waving a terrible towel, and talked about the relationship with fans, Chairman Dan Rooney, and former Head Coach Bill Cowher.    He also talked his family, friends, former Notre Dame Lou Holtz who helped Bettis in college and during his contact problems with the St.Louis Rams.   Bettis ended the speech and night by reminding his son that all that I have is my name don’t messed it up.


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