Future Shock

The Steelers are 0-2 in exhibition play and usually it is not a cause for concern. With all of the changes on the defense from last season these next three games will be a harbinger for the regular season.   The linebackers have to make more plays and the secondary have to make interceptions.    The defense could be the reason the Steelers could either miss the playoffs or do big things in the playoffs. The other main concern is the special teams because the regular kick Shaun Suisham injured his ACL and Garret Hartley was signed.  Hartley has been good so far, but the punter situation is still up in the air.   Antonio Brown is one of big play receivers in the NFL, and return punts as well.  They might have to put Sammie Coates on returning punts and they more big kickoff returns, plus coverage of kickoff and punts.  These are the two main concerns going into the regular season and they have 3 pre season games to work out all of the problems before September 10th vs the New England Patriots.


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