Broken Dreams

It bothers me that you have the world at the feet and you make mistakes to ruin it whether it is a drug problem or getting into the trouble with the law.   Whether it is a young athlete in high school or college or a pro athlete who was a role model for overcome a tough situation in life.   I get upset about that is you have a platform to be an agent of change but ruining it.   An example of this is Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman who overcame being deaf to play in the NFL.   Coleman got into trouble for being charged in a hit and run accident and was suspended by the team.   I have read many articles about high school and college athletes getting arrested for drug, domestic violence,  getting into fights, and weapons charges.  Those actions have cost them a college education and maybe a chance of a pro contract.    Doesn’t anyone ever think about the consequences of their actions before doing something they will regret.


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