On Thin Ice

Professional sports have dealt with drugs problem among its players and the NHL is no different.   There have been issues with the league with some players who have been arrested for drugs in the past few months.   Jarret Stoll who played with the Los Angeles Kings was arrested for possession of Ecstasy and cocaine in Las Vegas last April.  Stoll made a plea agreement and the charges were reduced to misdemeanors,plus doing community services.   His former King teammate Mike Richards had his contract terminated because he was arrested for smuggling Oxycontin from Canada on June 17.  Richards and the Kings agreed to a settlement in which Richards will get $10.5 million via a payout until 2031-32.  Richards may still be suspended by the NHL for drug use and it could be a long one.  Zack Kassian, who just was just traded to the Montreal Canadians in the off-season is suspended and placed in stage two of the NHL Substance Program after an auto accident in which he suffered a broken foot and nose.  Canadians general manager Marc Bergevin said that Kassian showed a “lack of character.”  I am hoping that the NHL is proactive in dealing with drug problems with the players and the NHLPA instead of reactive just like the other professional sports leagues.


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