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In the past i got twitter and Myspace messages from Molly French, who is the sideline reporter for the Philadelphia 76ers.    The 76ers season has started out 0-18 and there was an incident out of a Boston nightclub with Jahil Okafor, who is the Sixers first round pick,plus he had another incident in a Philly nightclub in October when a gun was pulled on him, and today was sited for going 108 mph  on the Benjamin Franklin bridge.    This plus the team 2014’s first round pick Joel Embiid who didn’t follow the team’s instructions on eating healthy, staying in shape and drinking Shirley Temples.   Embiid was sent home from a road trip last year when he threatened the strength coach and binged on junk food.    These two examples are the risk of drafting NBA with maturity problems.   The Sixers has to hope the draft picks and the young talent jell together and make them a winner.


NFL Week 13

Here are my NFL Week 13 picks.

Green Bay beat Detroit

Houston beat Buffalo

Chicago beat San Francisco

Cincinnati beat Cleveland

Miami beat Baltimore

Seattle beat Minnesota

Carolina beat New Orleans

NY Giants beat NY Jets

Arizona beat Tampa Bay

Jacksonville beat Tennessee

Kansas City beat Oakland

Denver beat San Diego

New England beat Philadelphia

Pittsburgh beat Indianapolis

Washington beat Dallas

Vs Seahawks Week 11

Ben Roethlisberger had an amazing throwing for 456 yards and a touchdown, but threw 2 interceptions.   Landry Jones also threw 2 interceptions one of those was on a fake field goal.  The other one was after Roethlisberger was getting evaluated for a concussion.   Tight end Heath Miller was out with a rib injury and linebacker Ryan Shazier was evaluated with a concussion.   Markus Wheaton had a great day catching 9 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown.  The running game was non existent and offensive line didn’t open holds for the backs.    The defense had 2 sacks but no turnovers and did not stop Russell Wilson from throwing for 345 yards and 5 touchdowns.   Jacoby Wilson had a good day returning kickoff and the gamble on the fake field goal was a good one but it was an interception that would set up a Seahawks touchdown.   The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Seattle Seahawks 39-30 and fall into 6-5.     They have to get the running game going and hope that Roethlisberger is healthy for next week’s game.   It will be a Sunday night game at Heinz Field vs the Indianapolis Colts with kickoff at 8:25 P.M.

Johnny Is In Trouble Again

Johnny Manziel will not start again for the Cleveland Browns this season or ever again.  There is a TMZ video of him with a bottle of Champagne at night club in Texas during the team’s bye week.   Manziel will be the 3rd string quarterback for next week’s Monday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens.   Will the Browns trade him in off season and which NFL team would give him a second chance at success.   Manziel has the talent but not the maturity to lead an NFL team as a quarterback.  Will he grow up and fulfilled his potential.

Jeff’s Last Ride

Jeff Gordon had an amazing career in NASCAR his first race was Richard Petty last race in November of 1992.    Gordon last race was in Miami finishing third in the NASCAR Sprint Car Championship standings. In between he set the record for 797 consecutive starts,  won 4 NASCAR titles and had 93 wins making him third in career wins behind Petty and David Pearson.   He helped in the transformation of  NASCAR from a regional sport to a mainstream sport.   He hosted Saturday Night Live and has done numerous commercials.   He took the sport from main street to Wall Street, and his charity work made him a popular driver.    Gordon didn’t start out being a popular driver because of early success, and was called Wonder Boy by Dale Earnhardt Sr.   He grew into a great driver and next year will be a part of the FOX’s NASCAR coverage .   Jeff Gordon will grow into a good broadcaster.



During his lengthy career that covered sports and news Bryant Gumbel has not been afraid to speak his mind.  During a 20 year celebration for HBO’s Real Sports in New York City Gumbel was in rare form.   He talked about broadcast partners who spend billions to cover sports leagues.    The networks who are covering the leagues are engaging in a conflict of interest.   That means they can’t cover serious stories such as concussions in an objective way that serve the viewer.  Gumbel also talked about athletes like Lebron James who speak out for social change.  Plus talking about Daily Fantasy Sports being betting on sports without going to a bookie or looking at the odds.  The great thing of Real Sports is that they talk about real issues, and don’t have to worry about offending anyone because they don’t cover any sports except boxing.

NFL Week 12

Here are my NFL Week 12 picks.

Philadelphia beat Detroit

Carolina beat Dallas

Green Bay beat Chicago

Minnesota beat Atlanta

Cincinnati beat St.Louis

New Orleans beat Houston

Indianapolis beat Tampa Bay

San Diego beat Jacksonville

Kansas City beat Buffalo

NY Jets beat Miami

Oakland beat Tennessee

Arizona beat San Francisco

Pittsburgh beat Seattle

New England beat Denver

Cleveland beat Baltimore












Great athletes have always had the desire to complete and win.  This past Saturday night Ronda Rousey suffered her first lost in the octagon losing to Holly Holm in a second round knockout.  Rousey announced on Instagram that he is taking some time off to do a remake of the Patrick Swayze  movie Road House and Mile 22 co-starring Mark Wahlberg.  Athletes like Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps have always put in the time and effort to become great.   This loss can be great for UFC with a budding rivalry between Rousey and Holm.  However, with Rousey be committed to do two movies the earliest a rematch can take place is on July of 2016.    I feel that this loss will renaged her competitive fire and put in the work to avenge this defeat to Holm.    However Ronda Rousey has to make a choice is she going Hollywood or does she want to be the queen of the UFC.


Last night the unthinkable happened in UFC Ronda Rousey was defeated by Holly Holm in the second round.   Late in the summer, Triple Crown winner and superhorse American Pharoah lost in the Travers Stakes, and Serena Williams who dominated tennis lost in the semi finals of the U.S Open.   These stars have dominated the sports world in some way this year, but all of them suffered unexpected losses.   It goes back to the old saying anything can happen in sports and usual does.   Besides it is the real reason that we watch and follow sports in the first place.  The unexpected loss of a favorite in any event always ask a question how and why did it happen.     The favorite can used the loss as motivation for the next competition and in the case of American Pharoah he won the Breeder’s Cup in the last race of his amazing career.  Serena Williams will be back at the Australian Open and could set the most Grand Slam titles in tennis by a woman.    As far as Ronda Rousey goes, she might get back in the octagon in a rematch with Holm, but the earliest it will happen is next July.  The reason she has commitments to do two movies.

Week 11 NFL Picks

Here are my NFL Week 11 Picks.   Cleveland, New Orleans, NY Giants, and Pittsburgh have byes.

Jacksonville beat Tennessee

Atlanta beat Indianapolis

St.Louis beat Baltimore

Carolina beat Washington

Denver beat Chicago

Oakland beat Detroit

NY Jets beat Houston

Miami beat Dallas

Green Bay beat Minnesota

Philadelphia beat Tampa Bay

Seattle beat San Francisco

Kansas City beat San Diego

Arizona beat Cincinnati

New England beat Buffalo