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Bucking Bronco

Peyton Manning is hoping that he is 100% healthy to lead the Denver Broncos into the playoffs, but today he was very upset.  Al Jazeera reported that he along with other MLB and NFL stars were using HGH via the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis.  Manning vehemently denied even using them, and the alleged report said the prescription was in the name of his wife Ashley.  Don’t be surprised if there is a lawsuit and another NFL star was upset. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was also to have used and he also denying it as well.   It is a shame that the report is based on second rate source and it gives journalists a bad name.

Week 15 VS Ravens

The Steelers came out flat against the Baltimore Ravens and it cost them with a 20 to 17 loss this afternoon.  Ben Roethlisberger struggled throwing 2 interceptions and getting sacked twice.     The running game was outstanding with DeAngelo Williams getting 100 yards and 2 touchdowns.   The defense only got one sack and didn’t make any big plays to change the momentum of the game.   They should have stayed with the running game and throw to different receivers because the Ravens covered Brown like a blanket.   The defense had to put to pressure on the quarterback and force more turnovers.  Now the season comes down to next week vs the Cleveland Browns at  First Energy Stadium with a 1:00 P.M. kickoff.   Steelers have to win, plus Denver and the NY Jets loss so they will get into the  playoffs.

NFL Week 17

Here are my NFL Week 17 picks.

Atlanta beat New Orleans

NY Jets beat Buffalo

Carolina beat Tampa Bay

Chicago beat Detroit

Cincinnati beat Baltimore

Pittsburgh beat Cleveland

Washington beat Dallas

Green Bay beat Minnesota

Houston beat Jacksonville

Indianapolis beat Tennessee

Kansas City beat Oakland

New England beat Miami

Ny Giants beat Philadelphia

Arizona beat Seattle

Denver beat San Diego

St Louis beat San Francisco

Sid’s Troubles

Sidney Crosby is dealing with the most frustrating season in his NHL career.   The Pittsburgh Penguins captain doesn’t what is happening to him and there a lot of theories about that.   Either he has not fully mentally recovered from his past concussions or a falling out with Co-owner Mario Lemieux.   Crosby did get 3 assists in the past two games but sat out with a lower body injury before tonight 5 to 2 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Some fans wanted him traded if the team doesn’t make the playoffs the reasons of cap space and draft picks to replenish the team with younger players.   I would not trade Crosby because trading a franchise player is not good for business.    You would hurt the fan base and not get true value for him.  Besides getting draft picks in a trade is a big risk because they may or may not pay out, plus it might set the franchise back a few years.  I have too many rebuilding plans with the Pengi

NFL Week 16

Here are my NFL Week 16 picks.

San Diego beat Oakland

Washington beat Philadelphia

Carolina beat Atlanta

Buffalo beat Dallas

Detroit beat San Francisco

Kansas City beat Cleveland

Indianapolis beat Miami

Minnesota beat NY Giants

New Orleans beat Jacksonville

New England beat NY Jets

Tampa Bay beat Chicago

Houston beat Tennessee

Arizona beat Green Bay

Seattle beat St.Louis

Pittsburgh beat Baltimore

Denver beat Cincinnati

Penalty Kick

Today FIFA ethics committee announced that President Sepp Blatter and UEFA  President Michel Platini have been suspended for 8 years for bribes and other sordid deals.  Blatter blamed the United States for his ban because they lost the bid to the 2022 World Cup.     Blatter and Platini have to realized that their behavior has hurt FIFA and growing soccer worldwide.  I am hoping that FIFA will finally clean up all of this corruption and try to get someone who gets it.  What i means is that someone who do the right thing for soccer instead of lining their pockets with money.    A couple of examples of this was during the United States Women’s Victory Tour.   The  match in Hawaii was cancelled due to bad field turf, and most of the matches on the tour was played on turf, and several women including Abby Wambach was part of a lawsuit against FIFA.   U.S Midfielder Megan Rapinoe was injured during training and may miss the Rio Olympics due to an injury ACL  on turf . Another match was almost cancelled in San Antonio, Texas when Trinidad and Tobago did not get any meal money or stipend until US Soccer gave them a loan.  It stinks that the only time FIFA is in the news is for one scandal or another.