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The Global Game

The Super Bowl will have a global broadcast with billions watching or listening to around the world.  The NFL had done a great job having grown the game around the world with regular and pre season games in Mexico, Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom.   There a lot teams have a Spanish broadcasters, and their games are broadcast to a Hispanic audience.   The Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera will try to become the second Hispanic coach to win a Super Bowl, Tom Flores won two Super Bowls as Head Coach of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders.   There will be a lot of international media covering Media Day tomorrow night at the SAP Center in San Jose.   After listening to some of Spanish commentaries of the games i doubt it will be boring.


The Old 29er

Last year along with my best friend Dan i had a chance to meet two-time Stanley Cup winner and current Penguin radio analyst Phil Bourque at Grille 31.  These days he is dealing with memory issues that was caused by concussions.  We had a chance to talk to him and got an autograph.   He knows what he signed up for and is not interested to be a in any kind of lawsuit.   I am hoping that he gets help for these memory issues and stay on the air for a long time.

Blake is Busted

Blake Griffin is one of outstanding stars in the NBA and his dunks have been amazing making many highlights on television.    However, this is not one of those he will be out for 4 to 6 weeks after breaking his hand in an altercation with a LA Clippers equipment manager outside of a Toronto restaurant.  Griffin was dealing with a strain quad muscle and was supposed to back this week.  The NBA will investigation the incident, and don’t be surprised if Griffin is suspended for the rest of the regular season.     Griffin can’t put himself in a situation and now it will cost him in more ways than one.  The Clippers right now are persevered as whiners and a dysfunctional team.  Josh Smith had an incident with an assistant coach outside of the locker room, and Smith was traded to the Houston Rockets.   Griffin’s incident doesn’t help the team and will hurt the Clippers in the long run.

The King Rules

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the best record in the Eastern Conference and have a chance to win the NBA title this season.   They did something that most teams in their position would never do.  They fired their Head Coach David Blatt and replaced him with assistant coach Tyronn Lue.  They were a lot of reports that Blatt had a lot of problems with Lebron James.  Cavaliers GM David Griffin talked about a disconnection between the head coach and the team.  In the past, some NBA players have never got along with the Head Coach.   Despite win a title in his rookie year in 1980, Magic Johnson never got along with Paul Westhead, with the LA Lakers but won 4 NBA titles with Pat Riley.  Now the pressure on James to lead the Cavs to the NBA title and if he doesn’t there will a lot of criticism on him for being difficult to coach.


Cam Newton’s talent has become the talk of the NFL and with the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos his talent will be shown on a global scale. There were a lot of experts that believed that Newton would be a bust because of his past problems at the University of Florida in which he kicked off for alleging stealing a computer and his alleged taking money to play at Auburn, plus his so called me first attitude.  Newton has proved them wrong with his play and in the past two years has growing into a team leader.  Now that he is on the biggest stage in sports, Newton has the chance to become an athlete that transcend the NFL, but he has to beat the number one defense in the NFL in the Broncos.   Newton has won in college leading Auburn to the 2011 BCS and a Heisman Trophy, and has chance to big winner on February 7th and if that happens it could be the beginning of a great career.

The Showdown

Super Bowl 50 is all set because the Carolina Panthers are taking Denver Broncos and the experts are saying the Panthers are a 4 point favorite.   I was very impressed with Cam Newton’s performance against the Arizona Cardinals.  Not only throwing for over 300 yards but rushing for two touchdowns.   I was also impressed with the Denver Broncos defense putting the pressure on Tom Brady.   As far as my selection i am taking the time to look at both teams at all positions before i am making my pick.

Divisional Round Vs Broncos

The Steelers defense played an amazing game holding the Broncos under 300 yards total offense.   However, the Broncos scored on a C.J Anderson touchdown run that was set up by  a fumble.   Fitzgerald Toussaint fumbled deep in Broncos territory that would set up the winning touchdown.    Despite a sore right shoulder, Ben Roethlisberger played well in the game throwing for 339 yards.    The running game was shut down because of injuries and a pretty good Broncos defense.   Martavis Bryant had a great game filling in for Antonio Brown with 9 catches for 154 yards.    The Steelers dominated the Broncos, but that fumble would be the undoing losing 23 to 16.     Despite of all the injuries to many starters and backups they almost won in Denver, but Super Bowl title number 7 will have to wait for another year.


Sometimes life put us in a situation that we have to deal with.   Other times we put ourselves in a situation that we can’t get out of.    Lawrence Phillips had a great college  career at the University of Nebraska winning two National Titles, but bad decisions ruined his NFL career and wound up in prison, and died of apparent suicide after murdering a fellow inmate.   Maurice Clarett led Ohio State to the 2002 National title, and sued the NFL to come out a freshman.  Clarett would get drafted by the Denver Broncos but was cut due to his bad attitude.   That attitude would get him in trouble for robbery and wind up in jail.   Then Clarett would change his past behavior and would mentor people.  However, he was arrested on January 3rd for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.   These  two are examples of what happens when you make the wrong choices in life.

Pitt Hoops

While  the NFL playoffs are taking hold this weekend there is another team taking over the Steel City.   The Pitt basketball team is off to amazing start and they are in the top 25.  After missing the NCAA tournament last season they have been concerns about Head Coach Jamie Dixon and his recruiting. His grinding out style that worked so well in the Big East may not work out in the Atlantic Coast Conference.    He opened up the offense and the team is also making free throws, and doing it without giving up playing defense and rebounding the trademarks of Dixon’s past success with the team.   Despite the loss to Louisville on Thursday, the Panthers have a good chance to win the ACC title this season.   As far as the NCAA Tournament and how they can go that is a question they will answer by how much success they have from now until Selection Sunday.