Monthly Archives: March 2016

Caught on Film

D’Angelo Russell is a rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers and the end of season is coming up. The Lakers are rebuilding and it is Kobe Bryant’s last season in the NBA.   However, this season has turned into something unusual.  Russell filmed a talk with Laker teammate Nick Young.  Young didn’t know that he was being filmed and the video would go online. The discussion talked about Young cheating on his fiance rapper Iggy Azalea.   The whole matter has caused trust issues withing the Lakers locker room.    Russell was isolated from his teammates, and he is going to have rebuild the trust with his Laker teammates.   That trust is going to take long time to be fixed.  Russell violated the locker room code, and the code consist of two things that you never do. That is never talk about a teammate personal life or his contract.


Houston We Are Here

The Final Four is set and this Saturday night at NRG Stadium with four pretty good teams.  In the first match-up it is the Villanova Wildcats taking on the Oklahoma Sooners and in the nightcap it is two Hall of Fame coaches go at it when Roy Williams led North Carolina Tar Heels versus Jim Boeheim led Syracuse Orange.   Here is how these two games are going to happen.   Buddy Hield is a one man scoring machine, but i see the Wildcats being the better team.    Syracuse is an amazing story from being a 10 seed to get to the Final Four, but North Carolina has an outstanding team led by Marcus Paige.   I see North Carolina take on Villanova next Monday night for the national title.

Pay Day

There were some comments made about women’s tennis and how much they get paid.   Raymond Moore who recently resigned as the CEO at Indian Wells for comments about Men’s tennis players making more money than the women.  For over 40 years women have being fighting for equal pay in tennis from Billie Jean King forming the the Women’s Tennis Association to Venus Williams writing an op-ed piece about trying to get equal pay at Wimbledon.   This issue will not go away any time soon and tennis officials should try to make equal pay a reality.

Jamie is Gone

Jamie Dixon is going to become the new head Basketball coach at TCU  and Pitt will now  have to hire to new coach.   There are lot of names being discussed for the Pitt job especially former Pitt star and current Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller. Pitt is better shape now then it was when Ben Howland was hired 17 years ago because thanks to the Pederson Events Center and other upgrades to the facilities.    Whomever becomes the next head coach they have to recruit in the WPIAL, and outside the Pittsburgh area to get the 4 or 5 star recruits that can build a successful program.  Then take the talented players and lead them  to successes in the ACC and NCAA Tournament.

Bad Luck Bryant

Martavis Bryant has tremendous potential to become an all pro wide receiver.  Last season  he missed 5 games due to a drug suspension and an injury.   Bryant may not have a season at all because he will be suspended for the 2016 NFL season due to another marijuana  suspension.   According to his agent, Bryant is dealing with depression as well as marijuana use.  The suspension is being appealed and Bryant is going to counseling for his issues.   If the suspension is upheld will the Steelers say patent with Bryant despite his problems.  Even if the Steelers would release him would another NFL team take a chance on Bryant.     He has all the talent in the world, but he can’t overcome his drug and depression issues his career will be over.

The Price

Erin Andrews paid a horrible price when her privacy was violated at the Nashville Marriott by a peeping tom who videotaped her in the nude in 2008.  Well today in a Nashville courtroom she was awarded $55 Million dollars in damages her lawsuit against that same hotel and the Marriott Hotel Group.   Some people are saying on social media that she don’t deserve that money, but what after what she went through in the past 8 years.   The loss of trust and all of the trauma that she had to deal with in terms of depression and emotional problems.    I am hoping that she will use some of the money to help other victims and show that smile that fans have loved for a long term.   Because i miss that smile so much and seeing her cry on the witness stand was very hurtful to me.

Maria is in Trouble

Maria Sharapova is one of world’s recognizing tennis stars and today there was a big announcement concerning her.   Rumors were that she was either retiring or involved in a new business deal, but it was neither and a shocking announcement.   She failed a drug test and didn’t hide or made excuses.   She was tested during the Australian Open in January, and was notified about it a few days ago.     She could face a heavy fine and a big time suspension that could end her career if it’s more than a year.  Nike announced they are suspending their business relationship.  Sharapova doesn’t want her career to end on that note, and will face the music for her mistake.   Imagine if either Venus or Serena Williams had a drug suspension, the media would raking them over the coals and questioning their accomplishments.

Peyton Says Goodbye

Peyton Manning announced his retirement this afternoon and his career is one for the ages.  He holds all of the major quarterback records in the NFL and going into the Hall of Fame is foregone conclusion.   Now what is next for Peyton,  some TV networks are going after him to be in a game or studio analyst, or being coming a general manager of a team like John Elway.  Whatever is next for Peyton Manning he will be a success at it with the same drive he had as a quarterback.

Anything Can Happened

A lot of people believed that Connor McGregor and Holly Holm would win their fights at UFC 196.   However, just when you think you can predicted anything in sports the unexpected happened.   McGregor submitted in the second round to Nate Diaz, and that loss ended a possible attempt to win two titles at two different  wight classes.  Holm came off one of the biggest upset in UFC history when she knocked out Ronda Rousey last November in Melbourne, Australia.   Holm was defending her bantamweight title for the first time, and the fight went into the last round all even.    Tate won it via submission and that means if a Holm-Rousey rematch takes place will not be for the title.    It proves that anything can happen in sports and the UFC is no exception.

Cole Money

Gerrit Cole is dealing with a controversy with the Pittsburgh Pirates when his agent Scott Boras talked about the team not paying Cole’s bonus from making the All-Star team last season. Cole made the disagreement public in an interview with Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Rob Biertempfel.   The Pirates admitted they made a mistake, but Cole should not made this disagreement public in the first place.  Cole is going making money in the next few years when he goes to free agency.  Both sides did a lousy job of dealing with controversy and they don’t need any distractions going into spring training.