They have been a lot of baseball movies that been successful such as Bull Durham and the Natural.    However, they have been television shows about baseball such as Bay City Blues and Ball Four that were duds in the ratings.   Fox has a new series called Pitch that will debut in 2017, and it is done with the cooperation of Major League Baseball.   It is about the first woman to play in Major League Baseball.

Kylie Bunberry stars as Ginny Baker who is a pitcher for the San Diego Padres and has to deal with all of the scrutiny that goes with playing in the big leagues.   The show maybe fictional, but there is a question that has to be asked. Can a woman play in Major League Baseball.  Well there was a woman’s professional league during World War II and that shown in the movie A League of Their Own.   There was a real women’s team called the Colorado Silver Bullets that played against men teams.  It would take an extraordinary talented woman and a team that got the guts to do it.


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