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Steelers Training Camp

The Pittsburgh Steelers start training camp on Friday and here are a few things of concerns about this season.

  1.   How will the drug suspensions of Martavis Bryant (full season) and Le’Veon Bell (4 games) will affect the offense.
  2.  Will the secondary be improved to make the big plays when they have to?
  3. Can DeAngelo Williams hold up this season and contribute in Bell’s absence?
  4. Will Antonio Bryant have a great season and get a long-term contract in 2017?
  5. Can Chris Boswell have a great season now that he is the kicker?
  6. Will Jordon Berry become more consistent or be replaced?
  7.  Will Ben Roethlisberger stay healthy and have a great year?
  8. With a healthy Maurkice Pouncey will the offensive line be more consistent ?
  9.  Could James Harrison face an NFL drug suspension?
  10.  Will Head Coach Mike Tomlin get a long-term  contract?

These questions may not get answered during the preseason, but will be answered in the regular season.


The Bell Tolls for Thee

It was a shock to hear on Friday that Steelers running back Le’veon Bell was hit with a four game suspension for missing a drug test.  Bell was supposed have a great season after missing 2 games for a drug suspension, and suffering a season ending knee injury in 2015. He also a free agent at the end of this season, and Steelers are not going to sign him to long-term deal.  Bell is not reliable and looks bad in front of the teammates and coaches.  Bell is ruining his chance to have a long-term deal and making big money.   The Steelers are a Super Bowl contender, and this suspension could derail it.

When Bell gets back how will his teammates react to him, and will the Steelers want to keep him with all of his injuries now with multiple drug suspensions.  I can’t believe that Bell would be stupid enough to get into trouble with marijuana again, and this time it is for a missing a drug test.  I  would not be surprised if the Steelers would not resign Bell when he becomes a free agent.

The Opening

I had a chance to watch and listen to the opening of the ESPY awards show last night. Instead of a comedic opening it was very serious and moving.  Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dewayne Wade taling about gun violence and police shooting plus making changes for the better.   They have financial clout to make changes in their communities for the better.   I feel that education and ending economical inequality could be a catalyst for change in the inter-cities.    It will take more than hash-tags and protests to make things better.   It has to take reinvesting in their communities and creating jobs.   It has to take everyone working together to make things better.

Carmelo’s Call to Action

NY Knicks Carmelo Anthony has used social media to call athletes to become more active on social issues in the response to the shootings in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Orlando, and Minneapolis.   Athletes have the platform to change things in their communities, but some athletes are afraid to speak on social issues because they might lose endorsements.   That is  why Michael Jordan never spoke out on social issues. Jordan made millions, and didn’t want to lose any of that money by taking a stand on a social issue.   Anthony believes that they can’t worry about that and make change.   That included that talk to politicians and demanding change.  If they want change things they have to put their money where their mouth is.  It means reinvesting in their communities by creating jobs.

More Details

In 2014, a man testified in court and revealed that the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno knew about a sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky in 1976.   Paterno dismissed that claim from that same man. In the 1990s, assistant coaches Greg Schiano, and Tom Bradley knew about Sandusky alleged behavior but didn’t report to Paterno or other Penn State higher-ups.   Bradley and Schiano denied they saw any inappropriate behavior from Sandusky.    The Paterno family has denied that he was ever involved any type of cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes.

If the crime that occurred in 1976 then why did Paterno didn’t stop it before things got out of hand.  In those court documents that Penn State football coaches and officials ignored Sandusky behavior’s in the 1980’s and 1990’s.   Not just Paterno should have done more but Penn State should have not ignored those crimes.      However, Paterno did testified in court against Sandusky and admitted he should have done more.    Penn State officials above Paterno should have done more to prevent Sandusky heinous actions in the first place.

No To JoePa

There has been a petition signed by over 200 former Penn State football players want the statue of Joe Paterno back up near Beaver Stadium.   That would be reprehensible because it would pretend all of the problems caused by the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal  didn’t exist.   Penn State should have been punished severally by the NCAA.     First, they should have been giving the death penalty that means no football for 3 years.    Second, they should giving millions of dollars to child abuse charities and work with them.  They should let the players transfer without any of them sitting out for a year.    Putting the statue back up would send a message that Penn State didn’t learn about what happened or made any changes.

Big Trouble in Chicago

The Chicago Tribune has reported that Pirates third baseman Jung Ho Kang is under investigation for an alleged sexual assault.   The alleged incident happened in Chicago last month when the Pirates were taking on the Cubs.  The Pirates are cooperating with the Chicago police, and there is no further comment from them at this time.  If these charges are true, Kang would be subjected to the joint MLB/MLBPA Child Abuse/Sexual Assault policy.  Kang is outstanding player and a big part of this team.   However,  if the charges Kang could be suspended for a long time,plus the possibility of going to prison.

Straight Out of Akron

I had a chance to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers parade celebrating their NBA title. I had a chance to listen to some of the speeches and especially of Lebron James.   However, some fans are critical of him using inappropriate language during his speech.  For all of his success on the basketball court and in the business world.   He is still straight out of the inner-city of Akron, Ohio.   For the complaints about the language there were some good thing about the speech.

He gave credit to his teammates such as J.R Smith, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving who made big time contributions in the season and playoffs.   He also mentioned Sasha Kaun who didn’t played any minutes the playoffs.    It would be unfair to rip Lebron for bad language, but he at his core is from Akron, Ohio.    He was not supposed to make out of the inner-city as kid but, he make it out in more ways than one.

Hustle in the HOF

Pete Rose was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame  and his number 14 was retired on Sunday.   Rose is still banned for life by Major League Baseball for betting on the game in 1989.  Commissioner Rob Manfred gave the Reds permission to do so and allowed Rose to be a part of last year’s All-Star pre game ceremonies at Great American Ballpark.    However, that is the only Hall of Fame ceremonies that Rose will every participate in.   Last year, he went before Commissioner Manfred for a possible reinstatement.  Rose admitted that he still bets on baseball sealing his fate forever.

The only way Rose winds in Cooperstown is after his death.   The problem was that Rose refused for many years to admits that he bet on baseball.  Only when his book  “My Prison with Bars” came out that he finally came clean about his betting.   Now they will never be any ceremonies in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Kevin goes to the Bay Area

Kevin Durant signed a 2 yr/$54.3 contract to play with the Golden State Warriors.   His former team the Oklahoma City Thunder led the Warriors 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, but lost in game seven.   Durant is gravy training with Stephen Curry to try to win a NBA title.    There have been a lot of questions about playing with Russell Westbrook and could the Thunder have the supporting cast to win a title.   Now the Thunder have to pick up the pieces and maybe try to resign with Westbrook to a long-term deal, plus try to get a  superstar.

The Warriors have Durant, Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson  They will have the ability to resign all of them next season.  With the salary cap going up due to the new television deal it means that the Warriors can win multiple titles.    This is a lot different from Lebron James leaving Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010.    Will see if the Warriors win several NBA titles with Kevin Durant.