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In 2014, a man testified in court and revealed that the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno knew about a sexual assault by Jerry Sandusky in 1976.   Paterno dismissed that claim from that same man. In the 1990s, assistant coaches Greg Schiano, and Tom Bradley knew about Sandusky alleged behavior but didn’t report to Paterno or other Penn State higher-ups.   Bradley and Schiano denied they saw any inappropriate behavior from Sandusky.    The Paterno family has denied that he was ever involved any type of cover-up of Sandusky’s crimes.

If the crime that occurred in 1976 then why did Paterno didn’t stop it before things got out of hand.  In those court documents that Penn State football coaches and officials ignored Sandusky behavior’s in the 1980’s and 1990’s.   Not just Paterno should have done more but Penn State should have not ignored those crimes.      However, Paterno did testified in court against Sandusky and admitted he should have done more.    Penn State officials above Paterno should have done more to prevent Sandusky heinous actions in the first place.


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