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NFL Predictions

Here are my predictions for the NFL Regular Season:

AFC East                               AFC North                                 AFC South                       AFC West

1. New England                     1. Pittsburgh                          1. Indianapolis                 1. Kansas City

2.New York Jets                   2. Cincinnati                          2.  Houston                       2. Oakland

3. Buffalo                               3. Baltimore                            3.  Jacksonville                 3. Denver

4. Miami                                 4. Cleveland                            4. Tennessee                     4. San Diego


NFC East                                  NFC North                               NFC South                          NFC West

1.  Washington                         1.  Green Bay                           1. Carolina                        1. Arizona

2. Dallas                                    2.  Minnesota                          2.  Atlanta                         2. Seattle

3. NY Giants                              3.  Chicago                              3.  New Orleans                3. LA Rams

4. Philadelphia                          4. Detroit                                 4. Tampa Bay                    4. SF 49ers


NFC Wild Cards:       Washington beat Minnesota    Seattle beat Atlanta

AFC Wild Cards:         Oakland beat Cincinnati,    Indianapolis beat Kansas City

NFC Divisional Round:   Arizona beat Washington,   Green Bay beat Seattle

AFC Divisional Round:   Pittsburgh beat Indianapolis,   New England beat Oakland

NFC Championship:   Arizona beat Green Bay

AFC Championship:   Pittsburgh beat New England
Super Bowl LI:       Pittsburgh beat Arizona



Not Going Solo

Hope Solo’s comments after the U.S losing to Sweden in the Olympic Soccer quarterfinals made a lot of news.   She called them “cowards” and there was a chance of repercussions.   U.S Soccer announced that Solo would be suspended for the national team for 6 months, and her contract with the team has been terminated.  U.S Soccer Sunil Gulati mentioned that her past behavior was taken into consideration.   Solo was granted a personal leave of absence with from her NWSL team the Seattle Reign. However, Solo will appeal the suspension on the grounds that it violated her freedom of speech.  Solo’s career is turmoil, and even when she returns in February 2017 there are no guarantees of her playing on the national team.

Colin’s Stand

Colin Kaepernick has led the San Francisco 49ers to 3 playoff appearances,  3 NFC Title game appearances, and a Super Bowl loss four years ago. These days he is battling Blaine Gabbert for the Niners starting quarterback job.  Now, he is dealing with a bigger controversy before Friday night’s pre-season game versus the Green Bay Packers. He didn’t stand for the National Anthem.  That action could cause irreparable damage to his career.  The NFL has done a lot of work with the military in terms of the USO tours to visit the troops overseas, and at home.   Kaepernick in a post game interview said that he would not support a flag that oppressed people of color and is not afraid of the repercussions.   The NFL announced that Kaepernick didn’t break league rules.  However, if there is enough pressure on the NFL Kaepernick could get a fine or suspension.

The Offense Was On

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 2 touchdown passes and the Steelers offense was in high gear defeating the New Orleans Saints 27 to 13.   Landry Jones also played well and solidified his chances in being the backup quarterback. The other two quarterbacks, Dustin Vaughn and Bruce Gradowski were injured and unavailable to play.    The defense played well giving only one touchdown, but the only concern is the health of Defensive Lineman Cameron Heyward who suffered a high ankle sprain during the game.    Many roster decisions will be done before the game against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night.    Then after the game more personnel decisions will be made, and don’t surprised if they are a few veterans looking for jobs.

Lochte Out

Ryan Lochte has already lost all of his endorsements and it may only be the beginning.  Despite just being selected to appearing on Dancing with The Stars,  it may be the only good news for him.  U.S Swimming and the US Olympic Committee has yet to make any decision about his punishment from his actions in Rio.    Don’t be surprised if he gets a several suspension from U.S Swimming, and may do some community service.   Lochte is 32-years old and this suspension could spell the end of career and the chance to swim in the Tokyo Olympics of 2020.

Ryan’s Story

After watching Ryan Lochte interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer on Saturday night I came way with one thing.   How could a 32 year-old man do something so stupid is beyond me?   Doesn’t Lochte realized that his behavior could cost him a chance to swim to 2020 in  Tokyo and millions in endorsements.  Speaking of his endorsements several could go away via the moral clause.   US Swimming and the USOC could punishment Lochte for his behavior by either a long suspension or holding out on his bonus for winning a gold medal in the relays.

Lochte’s behavior in the gas station and lying about being robbery was an embarrassment to the athletes who won gold medals.  Athletes like Simone Manuel who was the first African-American to win a gold medal in swimming. Michael Phelps, who is Lochte biggest rival and his great performance winning 5 total medals and retiring  from the pool.  The U.S Women Gymnastics team and all their successes led by Simone Biles and Aly Raisman.   Alison Felix and the rest of the U.S Track and Field team winning gold medals. Claressa Shields who became the first U.S boxer to win two gold medals.  I would rather hear about these stories instead about the oldest fraternity brother, and his behavior that could cost him everything.

Laying an Egg VS Eagles

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense was held scoreless in a 17-0 lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. Landry Jones didn’t have a great evening throwing 4 interceptions.   Some of the blame should be placed on the receivers for not coming off the ball quickly.  Sammie Coates did had an outstanding catch in the third quarter, but still made some mistakes in this game.   One interception was returned for a touchdown.    The defense gave up 10 points and is getting better.     The Steelers need to get their back up quarterback situation handled soon.    If Ben Roethlisberger is out for an extended period of time the team Super Bowl hopes will fade into oblivion.

Opening Night

The Steelers lost to the Detroit Lions 30 to 17 on Friday night.  Landry Jones had a good game and Darrius Heyward-Bey made a great catch for a second quarter touchdown. The receivers the rest of the evening they made too many drops and fumbles.  The defense forced two turnovers and a sack.  Doran Grant made an interception that was returned for a touchdown in the first quarter.  The Lions were able to convert 3rd downs and forced the Steelers defense to remain on the field on a hot and muggy night. The Steelers need to improve their 3rd down defense,  force turnovers, and on special teams improved coverage on kickoffs and punts.

The most improvement during the pre-season is between the first and second game.   Expect the defense to tighten up something as far as third down.   Offensively try to improve the running game and the receivers had to make catches.   Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles will answer some of those questions.