NFL Predictions

Here are my predictions for the NFL Regular Season:

AFC East                               AFC North                                 AFC South                       AFC West

1. New England                     1. Pittsburgh                          1. Indianapolis                 1. Kansas City

2.New York Jets                   2. Cincinnati                          2.  Houston                       2. Oakland

3. Buffalo                               3. Baltimore                            3.  Jacksonville                 3. Denver

4. Miami                                 4. Cleveland                            4. Tennessee                     4. San Diego


NFC East                                  NFC North                               NFC South                          NFC West

1.  Washington                         1.  Green Bay                           1. Carolina                        1. Arizona

2. Dallas                                    2.  Minnesota                          2.  Atlanta                         2. Seattle

3. NY Giants                              3.  Chicago                              3.  New Orleans                3. LA Rams

4. Philadelphia                          4. Detroit                                 4. Tampa Bay                    4. SF 49ers


NFC Wild Cards:       Washington beat Minnesota    Seattle beat Atlanta

AFC Wild Cards:         Oakland beat Cincinnati,    Indianapolis beat Kansas City

NFC Divisional Round:   Arizona beat Washington,   Green Bay beat Seattle

AFC Divisional Round:   Pittsburgh beat Indianapolis,   New England beat Oakland

NFC Championship:   Arizona beat Green Bay

AFC Championship:   Pittsburgh beat New England
Super Bowl LI:       Pittsburgh beat Arizona



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