Opening Night

It is the 2nd year that the NFL is having an opening night to start Super Bowl week. The Atlanta Falcons started first to have an hour-long media session.   Head Coach Dan Quinn  talked about starting his coaching career at William&Mary.    Linebacker Vic Beasley Jr talked about the game plan and being consistent.   Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu refused about the Muslim travel ban by President Trump.  Quarterback Matt Ryan talked about the opportunity playing in the Super Bowl.  Wide Receiver Julio Jones talked how great the Super Bowl is for the city of Atlanta.    He also had a backup plan of being a lawyer.  Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan talked about the differences between a successful organization and one that is not.  He talked about being the next Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, and John Lynch being named general manager.    Safety Ricardo Allen talked about trying to win the game.  Defensive End Dwight Freeney talked about playing soccer.  At the end of the Falcons media session, both teams looked at the Vince Lombardi Trophy and the team captains, plus head coaches shook hands in a show of unity and sportsmanship.

After the X Ambassadors did a concert, the New England Patriots did their hour-long media session.   Head Coach Bill Belichick talked about the great fan support of all of Boston sports teams.  He talked about going to Phillips Academy and Wesleyan University, and his many mentors that helped him in his coaching career.    He also complemented the Falcons organization and Matt Ryan performance during the season.  Quarterback Tom Brady talked about the bond between a quarterback and wide receivers, especially with Julian Edelman. He also shed a tear talking about his dad.  Edelman talked about dealing being drafted in the 7th round and playing in his 3rd Super Bowl.    Linebacker Dont’a Hightower talked about how the Patriots overcame adversity to reach the Super Bowl.  Defensive Back Devin McCourty talked about the contributions of defensive end Chris Long.   Tight End Martellus Bennett talked about celebrating the AFC title game win over the Pittsburgh Steelers and wants to inspire kids to use their talents for creating things besides playing sports.


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